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Exams are coming!

Listen up class here are the subjects that will come up in your mocks’ is how the latest Dear CEO letter to IFA firms should be read. No precise detail but enough to get ready.   As background the FCA is seeing an increasing number of cases where the actions of firms are resulting in

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You can’t hide behind a top rating, if you don’t know how it’s made

Not all ratings are created equal. It is advisers’ responsibility to check their sources and make sure grading systems are reliable. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently re-highlighted the need for advisers to understand the tools they use. Speaking at a conference in September, FCA director Debbie Gupta urged advisers to ‘consider the limitations

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Pre packaged due diligence – Nirvana or sword of Damocles?

The ways to reduce the burden of due diligence are often crystal clear – provide a pre-packaged set of data that covers all the main points raised about due diligence. Or, even better, build an industry standard one! Of course, life isn’t that simple. Advisers want their own questionnaires for reasons discussed in my previous

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Why advisers want their own due diligence questionnaire.

Speaking to discretionary investment managers on almost a daily basis about due diligence matters I often hear the anguished rejoinder, ‘and advisers insist on having us complete their questionnaire rather than taking our standard due diligence pack.’ I am never sure whether insisting that the standard pack is sufficient is a matter of arrogance on

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